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Falling in. When you find that you’re in a hole, the first thing to do is stop Digging. Going through Middle school you try new things everyday it seems. You tell yourself you’re happy, but who is the judge? We might not ever be happy. What might feel right at the time, may harm you later. The first thing you have to realize, is that you want to be different. Being you, may mean you have to change every now and then, but you will always be inside. There will always be a common denominator in you, that can’t be multiplied out. No one knows who they are, till the very end. You are changeable and exchangeable. You pick up personality traits, and you forget them. You learn all the time, whether your ears are open or not. Sitting in class you learn beyond the curriculum. Even if that’s not your goal. It’s all about acceptance. Accepting others for who they think they are, and accepting who is trying to come through in you. Put the fire out, and stop fighting who you are. It’s not worth all the endless hours and changing, and wishing. You only dig yourself in deeper, and the deeper you go, the harder the climb is out of the person you make yourself out to be. Give the real you the reins, and given in to you.

By; Sophie Brown