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From 8-bit to the highest resolution, there’s a game for everyone.
The Super Mario Brothers, Halo, Call of Duty. Styles and gameplay all differ.
Different consoles, the xbox, playstation2, playstation3, PSP , PSvita, wii, DS, DSi, 3DS, Gameboy, you understand.


My favourite part of gaming, is enjoying the art used to make it. The designs, the characters. Personally, if I don’t like the art, I don’t like the game. Of course, with8-bit games, I don’t care about graphics and art too much.


One of my favourite  games is Gotham City Impostors. The game itself, is great, a multiplayer first person shooter, with two teams- The Jokerz and the Bats. The art stays on more of the comic side, like Batman. The characters are fantastic, because they’re fully customizable. Body types go from small, to huge. Speedy, nimble, tough, burly, and mighty. Each has different scales of health, melee and speed.  The smaller, the faster, but weaker, and the bigger, the stronger, but slow.

Gotham City Imp[ostors

There are 7 sub-categories for the weapons. Handguns, rifles, submachine guns, heavy weapons, snipers, shotguns, launchers, melee, and miscellaneous. One of the best weapons falls under the sub-category of launchers. It’s called “Boarding Party”, it comes with the pirate package. Boarding Party is a weapon that launches a parrot (Woo! Pirate-y) that attacks your enemies. It most likely won’t kill in one hit, but it locks on to the target for higher accuracy. Arrr.GCI guns

Thankfully, there are gadgets to support players. Glider rig, grapple gun, and ninja smoke bomb are my personal favourites. By the names, you probably have a good clue of what they are. Glide across the map for a limited amount of time, and dive bomb your enemies for a kill. Grapple gun helps you get to high places, when there’s no trampoline in sight. The ninja smoke bombs are helpful for sneaking up on your enemies, but the disadvantage is that you cannot use weapons or support items while the item is active.

Support items, will be the last thing I’m going to talk about for GCI. Obviously, the items support you/your teammates. The best support item, to me, is the Care Package, which resupplies ammo, and health from a fixed area, the disadvantage is; it heals not just you/your teammates, but the enemy team. I also enjoy Shurikens, the throwing stars that target your enemies for a hit!



L4D and L4D2

Left4Dead2. Why? BECAUSE ZOMBIES. Zombies are one of the most popular things recently, mostly thanks to The Walking Dead. L4D2 is a horror game based around a zombie apocalypse. The zombies didn’t rise from the dead, in this game, but rather got infected by a virus called the Green Flu, pretty self explanatory. I play multiplayer, with my friends. Normally, it takes us an hour to an hour and a half to complete it. It’s entertaining, and exciting. Once you start, it’s almost impossible to stop, until you’re done.


Yes, yes, it’s time for the infected. You have your normal, everyday zombies here, with no special supportive things to help kill the survivors. I’ll talk about my favourites.

special infected adorableeeee

FIRST; the Boomer. It vomits out a special bile at the survivors, which everyone calls “Boomer Bile”, creative, huh? The bile temporarily blinds survivors, and attracts the common infected to them. A boomer is big, but not very tough, for a long distance, or mid range shot, would kill him easily. But when he explodes, the special bile shoots out, effecting any survivor in close range. You can detect the boomer’s whereabouts by listening for their gargling.boomer

Don’t mess with the witch. Do not startle her, or you’re in for something bad. She only shows up a few times during the campaign, and is relatively passive, unless you provoke her, by shining light at her, shoot near her, or get too close. There’s also a Wandering Witch, with her moving around, aimlessly wandering, she’s easier to spot, in my opinion. All she does is wander around, head in hands, sobbing. Poor witch.. Although, in my opinion, she’s rather pretty.

Ready for thisREAL WITCH

Another favourite; the Spitter, her attacks are spitting and clawing. Nicknamed; Nick’s Ex-girlfriend (Nick is one of the survivors). The Spitter’s mutations let her spit out a ball of mutated stomach acid. When hitting the ground, it splashes out, into a large pool of  harmful acid. She’s a bit difficult to hear coming, she makes a faint squealing noise, much more quiet compared to the other infected.


Then there’s the survivors. In L4D there are Francis, Louis, Bill and Zoey. L4D2 has Nick, Ellis, Coach and Rochelle. My personal favourite is Coach, he’s quick, and is tough.

l4d2 survivors

(Right to left; Ellis, Coach, Rochelle, Nick.)


My absolute favourite game is Minecraft, so cliche, huh? Pixelated, but blocky.It’s extremely entertaining, and just all around fun. It brings out the creative side of people. Hence the creative mode. It’s on the PC (where it first came from), xBox (second console!) and iPod/iPad/iPhone. I prefer PC or xBox.  It’s rather easy on xBox, but on PC you can have several mods downloaded, and your own custom skin. I have around 6 or 7 mods running on my PC, with a custom skin.

cute minecraft