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What have we become? People refuse to talk to others because of their political views? Killings in schools? Movie theater attacks? Judging on Race, weight, and appearance? Going home to hear about more unfortunates with the human race through public media? It’s all too much for someone to handle. People are too wrapped up in their ways and views to even consider other options. Remember, “United we stand, Divided we fall”? People are against someone being gay? Well the truth is it has nothing to do with them. Nothing. No one said you have to like it, but then saying someone is “wrong” because of it is not okay. My mom told me if I have nothing to nice to say, then don’t say anything at all, especially if it has nothing to do with you. Bringing someone down because you’re too arrogant to let others be themselves. Fact is, you’re never always right. So telling someone they’re wrong is not entitled. Some people won’t even stand in the room with someone in a different political party? Why put yourself through such anger? People are people. It amazes me that it’s somewhat acceptable for people to show less respect towards someone with different views. Everyone deserves the same amount of respect, no matter what. Stop listening to yourself, and for once, hear some else. But don’t just listen, all this anger creates and causes people to go into a school and shot or cause others to plan to attack the president. Listen and change. Listen to the screams for help. Open your ears. Stop the cultivation of Hate. Consider becoming reborn, because chances are, no one is right, so stop always trying to be.