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Hello my name is Ryan, i am 13 years old and i am going to teach you how to make a hello world app with java…


The first thing you want to do is download Eclipse SDK ( www.eclipse.org/downloads/ ) (Eclipse Standard) the just download the latest version and install it for which system you have, then you want to get Java JDK ( www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/index-jsp-138363.html#javasejdk ) (“JDK” stands for Java Development Kit) and again download the latest version for which system you have and install that. Now if you dont really know how to install “Eclipse” or “Java” you can watch these really cool tutorials ( www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFE2CE09D83EE3E28 ).


So when you first load up eclipse you created your workspace, your workspace is where you will have your classes, interface, project. We will get into these later but not now. alright now back to business when you first start you will see the welcome screen, there’s four main buttons on this screen, the first button is the Overview button ( The Overview shows you all the great stuff eclipse has ), the second button is the Tutorials button ( The Tutorials button teaches you how to install a plug-in, or how to make a hello world “application” ( We will be doing this later ) ), the third button is the Samples button ( The Samples can show you how to create an editor, or can teach you to make your own extension points. ), and then the fourth button is What’s New ( The What’s New button allows you to get the latest updates, or go back a version or two.

( Figure 1 )


( Figure 2 )

OK so what you are going to do is click “ File ” and then hover over “ New ” and click “ Java Project ”

then in Project Name you can name it what ever you want.


Now you want to open “ File ” at the top of the screen, and go in to “ New ” and then click “ Class ”.

( Figure 3)


and again name it what ever you want but you should look at the top and see if there is a source folder, if there isn’t any thing there you want to click browse and you double click the java project you made and then select src then click ok.

so then you should have something like this, Then it should say something like “public class (what you named your class)”so “public” means that anyone can open your file you are making, then “class” means… Well thats the kind of file you’re making.

( Figure 4 )

Now we are going to type out a little bit, so what you’re going to do is press enter once, now we can type some code but we cant type just anything there are specific things we have to type, soo this is what youre typing “ public static void main(String[] args) { ” then enter twice, ok now we are going to make it say something else “system.out.println(“Hello World!”)” well now look a little to the left and see if there is a little red x, if there is hover over it and see what it says.

( Figure 5 )

so you should have something like this, and at the top you should see a green and white play button and you want to click that and at the bottom it should have said what you typed in the “”.

So thank you guys so much for following along i hope you guys had as much fun as i did thank you and BYE!