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I made this anchor because now it seems like anything you do your judged on, or being picked on. So there’s different parts of this anchor that represent different things. The heart is representing that you need to love yourself and that even though your life is hard and you feel like your in a storm that it will get better and it will pass, as long as you keep trying and keep faith in whatever it is your going through, talk it out with a friend or someone, anyone that you know!. Talking it out can really help you out to get everything out. When you talk about it, it feels like its a new open part in your life that has no worry’s anymore.

The rainbow infinity represents that know matter what happens in your life, keep going so many people get treated different or made fun of for the sexuality, I know middle school everyone is young and don’t full know but there are quit a bit of people that are gay, lesbian, or bi. And the rainbow is to be who you are, there’s nothing wrong with being gay, lesbian, or bi. Its who you are don’t hide it. There’s a song that I know and its by A Great Big World and it’s called everyone is gay but says “you can be who you are any day of the week” I mean that couldn’t be more true.

I have “Stay Strong” which goes with the heart, meaning stay strong and don’t let the world bring you down. You’re always going to find a way out of the hole your in, even if you think you aren’t going to there’s always something good that comes out of the bad. I found this and I don’t know who made this quote but its meaning full and goes with what I’m trying to say “An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward, when life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means it’s going to launch you into something great. So just focus, and keep aiming.

“you can’t make me sink” shows that no matter what you say you can’t make me give in to everything you say, or anything you do to try to make me feel like I don’t own myself. It represents that I’m taking back my life taking control of my own life again and no one can stop me, I’m putting my foot down and standing up for myself.