Home article Miss Walters

By: Megan Budnik, Kelsey Bailey, and Ruthie Lannin

Miss Walters has been teaching kids all about cooking along with creative living classes for six whole years! Out of all the wonderful things she cooks she especially enjoys cooking middle eastern foods. Over the years she has made many different foods, but the first goodie that entered her oven and started the amazing chain reaction of tasty foods made by Miss Walters was banana bread. Miss Walters favors teaching global foods.She teaches an encouraging class which helps you understand how to cook, sew, and a little bit of information on budgeting (creative living). Her Global foods class is learning about the different foods, and cultures from countries all around the world. American foods is different foods that some of the states are fond of making. Miss Walters favorite thing to eat is Baba ghanoush, which contains roasted, peeled, and mashed eggplant. Blended with tahini, garlic, salt, white vinegar, and lemon juice. The mystery box is a popular activity that many of her students find exciting or fun, because they get to feel around inside a little box using their similar smells and trying to discover what food is in the ‘Mystery Box’. Creative Living, American Foods, and Global Foods are all classes are self esteem level-boosters. If you are wanting to learn how to cook, or enjoy making and discovering new things academically… We would recommend Miss Walters unique and creative cooking/ home-style classes!


     We interviewed 4 students who are apart of Miss Walters 2nd hour creative living class.

         3 out of the 4 students we surveyed enjoy the cooking in class. The other student

                                                enjoys eating the food!


             “I joined creative living so I could learn how to cook.” -Maddy Jenkins


   “I enjoy creative living because I get to feel and find out what’s in the mystery box.” -Coltin Fall


“I joined creative living because I want to learn how to sew.” -Aliyah Holmes

“I enjoy all of the food we get to make and taste.”-Jake Welch