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My personal self thinks that music can save life’s. Music is something that can and will always be there when there isn’t always someone around to help you! Like for when you are having troubles with family, bullies, school, friends, or you are stressed about something. All you need to do it put your headphones in and your good. There’s a ton of different types of music genres. Everyone listens to different bands, we have hundreds probably thousands of bands who knows? So there’s a band called One Direction, and I’m not going to lie I don’t like them at all. I don’t like there music, so I have hated on them before I won’t lie, I have. But there are tons of people who do and who look up to them in life and we do have a lot of people who hate on that band but that’s because we don’t know. We don’t know that, that group has possibly saved that persons life, but we can’t see that! I know that I can’t anyway. Well lets see for another example there’s a band called Suicide Silence and literally everyone who doesn’t listen to them are always like “why do you even like them all they do is scream” “you can’t understand them” and all I can think is “you call it demonic because all you here is screaming, I call it live saving because I hear the meaning.” They are both life saving bands so why is it that everyone still judges? Because we don’t know! I think that main reason is that no one knows unless you have told someone or you have talked about them, but there are those kids that keep quiet. The kids that are usually quiet know ones much about them. With all the bullying that happens, kids don’t want to say anything. I know I don’t at least, I would rather take everything and just push it aside and just let the music help me. The music that I listen to has helped me in so many different ways, it’s not even funny. Throughout my life I was always bullied, I don’t know why, I never knew why. But I was, and it was usually everyday. I never told a single soul, until last year and I would always just go straight to my room and stay there for the night and just put in my headphones and listen to music non-stop, I would put the music all the way up, just like I do today, I don’t get bullied as much at school, but there is always outside of school…. After all that I have said about music, I guess you could say to someone if they were to ask why do you always have headphones in you could just reply. Because music is an inspiration to me about life, and it has taught me that live is precious, its also hard. Life wasn’t meant to be easy for anyone. But it’s what you make it, and what you put towards making it your life and not letting anyone bring you down. You just need to push through the tough times and you need to always stay strong. This is 6 different quotes form three out of the many other inspirations in my life….

“Life isn’t about how

popular you are,

what girl or boy

you’re dating

or who you


Life is about

always being

true to who you are,

and what you believe in.

Never let anyone

convince you that their

way is better than

you’re way”

-Andy Biersack

(Black Veil Brides)



“You have many options in life


make giving up on of them”

-Austin Carlile

(Of Mice And Men)



“keep listening  to music,

cause it gets you through

everything, I promise”

-Mitch Lucker

(Suicide Silence)





“When people

hurt you over

and over, think

of them like


They may scratch

and hurt you

a bit, but in

the end you

end up polished

and they end up


-Andy Biersack

(Black Veil Brides)


“be your own

person, because no

one can take that

away from you

-Austin Carlile

(Of Mice And Men)



“I mean reality sucks,

the world is a cancer

and stuff is so bad it’s scary.

Everything’s filthy,

but you know what?

One day its going to be

here, so be glad you

know what life is.

You’re Alive, Live”

-Mitch Lucker

(Suicide Silence)



These three men and there bands music has helped me out in so many different ways. Mitch Lucker was the lead singer for the group Suicide Silence, and he sadly passed away November 1st of 2012. There music helped me put all my hate away, and the sadness of life.

Austin Carlile is the lead singer for the band called Of Mice And Men and just listening to there music can make me feel so much better.

Andy Biersack the lead singer for the band Black Veil Brides. This band has really helped me out in life. I can listen to there music and immediately feel a connection with the song, which ever song it may be.

All three of these bands….once I put my headphones in and one of there songs on, I immediately know that I’m alright and I’m not alone and I never was.

Without the music I enjoy I don’t know who I would be today or if I would even be here. I’m so lucky to have found all the bands I know love. I hope one day ill be able to meet them and tell them how much they have helped not just me but thousands of different people. I hope that my band will here that from kids and/or people of any age, and that we are there hero’s and we are what kept them alive.