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There are many different genres of music and many different people. In this article you will see the different genres of music and the crowd they attract. When the average person thinks of music these are often the first genres that come to mind, pop, country, rock, rap, and dubstep.


Popular bands and artists that fit under the label of pop include Taylor Swift and her album Red (Blegh), One Direction (double blegh), Ke$ha ( Meh), and P!ink ( Yay almost). One Direction is a hugely popular boy band. When I asked Aubrey Smith what she had to say about them she said, ” They have really good music and Louie is really funny.”  When  asked Sophie Martin about One Direction she said, ” There music is like… Cancerous, and all those rapid fan girls are really, really annoying because they think the band members would actually care for them.” <—–  THE TRUTH! That is everything about opinions about pop music, but what makes it so popular? could it be the up beat tunes or the relations in feelings between what the band/singer is talking about

Popular country bands and artists are The Band Perry, Hunter Hayes, Lady Antebellum, and Carrie Underwood. Country music in Nataliya Pashchuk’s, opinion, it is boring, awful, blegh. Nataliya’s opinion on country music is not alone I say, ” Country music is awful and is even worse than all of the pop and rap that most people like, I don’t know why I consider it music. I think it would be better to call it noise.”  An anonymous person says, ” country music is awesome, it’s very relaxing.”. Another anonymous person says, ” Country music is okay but it’s not my favorite.” Everyone has their own opinions on “music”, that’s okay. Country music is most likely popular because of the mellow tune and the way the songs tell a story.

Popular rap artists are Eminem, lil Wayne, Mackelmore, and Drake.  When asked some people said, ” To make themselves feel smart by comparison.” , “Because of the beats and sometimes its just their way of style.”, and , ” Some rap songs have meaning and when there is meaning to a song it makes it more special.” For example one rap song with actual meaning is Not Afraid by Eminem. Some of the opinions against rap music are not appropriate enough to include in this magazine but bring me to the understanding that many people thing rap music is very awful and hated by almost all metalheads. Most rap music is not appropriate for younger audiences due to explicit language and dialogue  I have gathered that rap music is liked because of the poor influences and cool beats and rythems.

There are many amazing rock bands that can fit into different labels, some popular bands that are included under the rock influence are Black Veil Brides, Suicide Silence, Sleeping with Sirens, Escape the Fate, and Pierce the Veil.  Black Veil Brides is genrally rock as well as Escape the Fate. Suicide Silence is screamo as well as Silverstein. Sleeping with Sirens and Pierce the veil are post-hardcore. There are many varieties of rock one not included in this part is heavy metal, metal, or death metal, peopl who are big fans of this music such as myself are called metal heads . One anonymous person says, ” I don’t like rock music where there’s a lot of screaming, I find it very annoying.” while another disagrees and says, “I find most rock to be soothing, there’s very few rock songs that I dislike.” Rock music is genuinely liked because it can help express feelings or anger.

Dubstep is commonly know as techno. Popular bands that are dubstep (techno) are Skrillex, dead mau5, and Omnitica. ” Dubstep and techno music sounds like animals. It’s annoying and repetitive.” says Nataliya Pashchuk. ” I hate it.” says Kenny Cummings.  ” It sounds like different types of blenders going off. It5’s horrible.” says an anonymous person. From the interviews we have done people don’t like dubstep (techno) music.