Home article Safety Matters

When walking to school you have to be safe. when waking always walk on the left hand side of the road. If you are biking stay on the right hand side of the road. these are just some of the safety issues you need to know at and around school. First off if you are going on a school trip or sporting event and you are taking a bus, get with a partner so you know where they are. Also since there is a police officer in the school, the school will be a safer place to be and learn. If you are biking to school you should always wear a helmet, when you ride you have to ride on the right hand side of the road just like a car. If you are riding school you should wear a reflector because before school starts it is dark outside and people might not be able to see you. So when you are going to get a new bike, get one that fits you not one you are going to grown into because if you have too big of a bike it can lead to problems. When you are riding your bike “Use your head, wear a helmet”. When you are biking DON’T where long loose clothing because it can get caught in chains and the tires. When you play sports you have to be safe also. If you play baseball make sure to where a baseball helmet, when somebody is batting make sure to keep a safe distance from the batter. When you play football make sure all your equipment fits properly. If it’s not fit properly injury could happen. When in a vehicle you should always wear a seat belt. You should wear the seat belt that straps a crossed the legs and chest. That will give you the best protection in a car crash or accident. That is another thing to be safe about. One thing to be safe about is handling firearms. You should always pretend that the gun is loaded and keep in a safe place where children will not be able to reach. When shooting always keep the sights down range and never point the firearm at another person even if its not loaded.


      Since in a couple of years you are going to take drivers training and get ready to drive here are some safety tips,you must be responsible to be a driver. When you are in a car with another person make sure you know they are a good driver and you and your family can trust him/her. Fire protection is another big subject to be thinking about because fire is a dangerous thing. Remember to always check your fire alarms and to change the battery frequently. keep candles 12 inches away from anything that can burn. Use common sense in the kitchen limit distractions in the kitchen. Have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen and teach kids or yourself how to use one in case of an emergency. In case of an emergency and there is smoke get low to the ground and stay out of the way of the smoke. When you are in a room and you do not know if there is a fire outside of your door feel the door with the back of your hand. If it is warm or hot it means that the fire is outside of the room or door. If you were to catch on fire Stop, Drop, and Roll to put out the fire.


Chemicals are very dangerous and you should never play with them. Always keep chemicals in the original bottles, never put the chemicals in soda bottles or plastic bottles. Throw away old medicines or chemicals and speak with an older adult about the dangers of inhalants and abusing chemicals and medications.


      Winter time is coming fast so here are some safety tips about skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling. First when you are at a ski hill make sure you have room to ski down the mountain without getting in somebody’s way. Always wear a helmet. Skis must have bindings that keep the ski from going down the hill. When snowmobiling always wear head protection and goggles. When crossing the road always look both ways and you should stay with a group of people so if you get lost you know who to get back to. So if its snowmobiling skiing, or snowboarding you can still have fun but be safe.


        You should always be safe weather it be riding bike, driving, fires, and much more. Make sure you are using the right procedures to keep yourself safe. Safety is an important subject to think about and you shouldn’t think of it as a joke. So keep yourself and the people around you safe.