Home article The Devil’s Key

It was a normal day, Raven had a flight to Japan at 8 am.The air was ghostly cold.Raven was left with a bad feeling and a chill down her spine.Everybody on the plane was quickly put in their seats. Raven and her friend Luna was quickly pushed into there seats by other passengers. The airline people gave instructions on where the air masks were and how to apply to your face. Moments later the passengers heard the pilot say “Everyone please stay seated and please fasten your seat belts”. Everyone did what they were told, They all were waiting for the airplane to fly. Something wasn’t going right. It was quiet to quiet. One of the passengers seemed sick and very off somehow. It was a lady that seemed  she was in her twenty’s. She begin to start sweating like a pig and she seemed very thirsty. The lady began to start coughing really hard. Raven noticed a little bite on her right arm. She thought it was a bit odd. The airline lady helped her into the medical room in the back of the airplane before the airplane flew. Everyone stared at the sick lady as she was passing by the passengers in their seats. The other air line lady’s told the pilot to wait for the sick passenger before flying. They were all waiting for the sick passenger and the other airline lady to come back. There was screaming in the room that came from the tiny medic room. It made everyone in there seats jump. There was more screaming and banging on the walls. The pilot was keeping everyone waiting. So he decided to fly any way. Everyone didn’t seem to notice the noise had stopped, they were still scared after the first scream. As the plane flew into the sky the passengers were forced back by the force of the plane. Everyone was still wandering what was going on in the medic room. Raven was getting really suspicious, so she got out of her seat and walked toward the medical room. She was about to open the door, but she stopped she began to shake more and more. She didn’t know why but she couldn’t seem to move a muscle. She was about to open the door, but there was a loud screaming noise in the pilots room. It was getting louder and louder, but then it stopped. Everyone in there seat began to panic. Luna rushed out of her seat and ran to Raven. They both had the same idea. And that idea was to open that door to see what was going on. The airline lady’s were nowhere to be found. “On three okay Luna?” Raven said. “Yeah on three Luna said frightened”. 1….2….3! They kicked the door open and there it was. A bloody figure that was caught eating the pilot. The airline lady’s were dead. There was no pilot to fly the plane. The figure that seemed dead began to stand up. It turned around and began to start screaming again. The dead but living figure started to limp towards Luna and Raven. Luna and Raven moved fast and shut the door before the zombie like figure could go through. Raven grabbed Luna and they began to start panicking. Luna’s eyes began to get bigger and her shaking began to get worst. They were both scared and confused on what they just saw. A boy with a scar on his right eye walked toward the both of them. “So what it’s in their”? The boy asked with a smirk on his face. Raven was so shocked she couldn’t even speak. There was no pilot… How would anyone control the plane if there were zombies in the room? The plane begin to shake. There was no pilot to fly the plane there was no way getting in their. The screaming got louder and the bloody figure was banging on the door as hard as it could. Everyone started panicking. Now the screaming was coming from the passengers. “It’s over…” Luna said. It was great knowing you- Boom! The plane began to head straight to the ground. Everyone was screaming more and more which wasn’t helping their situation. The air masks dropped down. Everyone put them on without thinking. Raven and Luna flew back. It was to late the plane had finally crashed. The screaming stopped… It was dead silent.