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Creative Design

Here at West Middle School, we have a very exciting class. A class that most schools do not have. A class that we are so blessed to have. But this class is not just a class that could be defined with a couple of words. Art class? I guess you could say that. This is a class where you can be yourself. You have freedom. A class where you have so many options. Knitting, silk screening, drawing and painting, spray painting, a little bit of pottery, ect. Hey, you could even add in a little photography! Still just an art class? Hmm maybe so, but get this. The artwork you do in this class doesn’t just go to waste, it goes to the school!

In this class everything you make goes on sale in the school store for your students to wear for spirit wear. We design the logos to be put on our spirit wear and we decide the prices for these things. Its all done by us. Without us, students would not have these things. We would not be the titans anymore. We would just be the ordinary West Middle School students.

So, how do we do it you ask? Well it probably is not as easy as you would think! Everyday we spend our time working on several different things. Some students are over knitting the scarfs, gloves and hats while some students are over silk screening the Titan logo onto t-shirts. Over in the corner there are some kids drawing manga series and comics for the magazine. To the left, there are some kids sanding the knitting needles while some are making stencils for silk screening. Some students are out taking pictures and some even are sculpting. Every single second of class time these kids spend is so important to our school. Us students know that our effort will take the class far.

Lets talk about the Creative Design Staff meetings that are held every Friday. In these meetings we talk about any ideas anyone has and make sure everyone’s idea has been heard. Its kind of like a democracy; we all vote on the ideas. For example, I am in charge of the footed pajama committee. Well, Alyssa and I. Since everyone voted that our idea was a go, Alyssa and I got put in charge. But of course all this voting can work up an appetite! In our staff meetings a little snack is usually involved. I love our team meetings!

It is little things like that, that makes this class so amazing.We are only a quarter into the year and we have already made so many memories! I remember on the very first day when we all had to write our names on the chalkboard, along with a little drawing about us, and we had to go around the room introducing ourselves. I remember when Ben and I made stencils and spray painted them onto shirts. I remember when Mr.Deyo taught us how to use film cameras, and we went around the school taking pictures. Or the time when I learned how to knit! Or our first Friday meeting. I can’t imagine all the memories that are to come.

This is all thanks to Mr.Deyo, our awesome teacher! The one responsible for all of this. The reason Mr.Deyo is such an awesome teacher is because he gets us. He remembers whats its like to be a kid. How sometimes may we slack off. How we like to joke around and be ourselves. How we just like to be kids. He gets it. He’s not super strict and he doesn’t assign homework assignments every night. He never yells at us. Somehow and some way he is able to get his point out to us without seeming like a strict, mean teacher. We love and respect him and we could not imagine having any other teacher.

Another reason this class is so great is because of the friendly atmosphere. Everyone in this class is so nice! I guess you could say that we are all one big family. We work together and we count on eachother. With our classmates and our awesome teacher Mr Deyo, we are able to get things done. Not many classes have this bond that we are blessed to have and It is great.

Well, I have pretty much said everything there is to say so to sum it all up in one big sentence; We, the members of the creative design staff are all one big happy family in which we work together everyday doing many different things, and we never waste time which is the reason we are always able to get things done.