Home article We walked for miles and miles…

in the lightly powdered snow

where all you hear is the crunch,

crunch, crunch, as you walk

down the huge white path.


If you hear a noise

just listen and hear them do,

And watch as the snow

falls and piles up ahead,


just as you turn around

you hear the lovely sound of winter.

Its peaceful and perfect

at sight and sound.


If you look up

at the night sky, all you will find

is the fullest moon

twinkling with the snow

so high slowly floating down.


As you walk back all you see

is the amazing sight of animals crawling around.

Only if they where here with you;

What if they where? How would that

change they way you feel?


If you walked for miles and miles in the lightly powdered snow,

you would see what I see now, nothing upon nothing.

Sitting watching the moon wishing you where there.

But then you wake up, and go somewhere far away from here.



By. Logan Pitser