Home article Winter Wonderland

As you walk down the path you look up

and see the peer perfect sky, with little baby snowflakes

slowly falling down to the soft cold ground.


As you look up, you realize that you’ve come upon a deer

sitting peacefully. With its spots so white sitting in the snow

it stands up and looks at you.


It becomes closer and closer till it buts you,

you start to tear then you run.

As you run everything is becoming darker and darker,

into your lost in the winter wonderland.


You start to seek light in the distance,

as you get closer and closer you realize you

have came upon a cabin. A lonely cabin with a single light,

just outside the door.


You walk inside to find a roaring fire.

There is a picture on the wall just above, it resembles a deer,

the same deer you just saw, sitting in the snow, a mile behind.

Then someone comes out of the snow and you call for them.


They don’t answer, they don’t even know you where here.

So you just keep walking closer and closer to the fire, then you

wake up. Sitting. Staring. Straight into the sky, staring into

a winter wonderland.



By. Logan Pitser